CANCELED! Dukagjini Cup 06-07.July.2020

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Dukagjini CUP

06-07 / JULY / 2020


Dear exhibitors, unfortunately Dukagjini Cup 2020 is CANCELED!

These are the rules of the Government of Kosovo that were approved on 01.07.2020. (Point 21. Gatherings of more than 50 people in closed and open spaces shall be prohibited).

Link to the decision:

After the approval, we, as a federation, tried again to obtain a permit, but it was impossible. We apologize for the cancellation but it is something that depends directly on the state bodies. As far as information is concerned, Kosovo is currently recording 100-130 cases per day from 200-300 tests with Covid19, which is about 40% of the tested persons are positive, therefore the government has taken new strict actions.

We are very sorry, we hope to see you soon…