About KKC

Initially Kosova Kennel Club was registered as an NGO on 10.06.2002, no: 5101502-9, only to be certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, with no. HO-AE-01 on 24.02.2006 and have full support from our government. Since then, the Kosova Kennel Club has and continues to commence a series of cynological activities among others it has organized its leading structure, joined all the associations and clubs under its umbrella, registers all dogs of pure and non-pure breeds throughout Kosovo, issues Pedigrees, registers and controls breeding, organizes trainings and examinations for cynological judges, organizes cynological manifestations, and so on.
In addition, the KKC, we have created a campaign for children, where we discuss the importance of protecting stray dogs in different schools throughout the country. Furthermore, we have influenced the government of Kosovo in the creation of the law on animal protection and we have participated in the drafting of that law. During the last five years the Kosova Kennel Club has organized various cynological manifestations, CACIB, CAC, and Specials in different cities in Kosovo.
Furthermore, KKC has had theoretical and practical seminars for judges and ring Stuarts, during which about 20 judges were trained, some of whom are all round. KKC has also standardized two autochthonous breeds: “Illyrian Shepherd” and “Albanian Molosoid Dog” for which we have created genetic lines and all the material needed to register with FCI.
After intensive lobbying and meeting the criteria set by the FCI, and following the inspection by the Chairman of the Commission for the Admission of New Federations, Mr. Jorge Hindse, the Kosova Kennel Club became a contract partner of one the largest cynological family in the world, that of the International Cynologic Federation, on 01.01.2014. It is now a Contracting Partner to the FCI, for over 5 years.
In April 29th 2019 in Shanghai, China, Kosova Kennel Club fullfilled the conditions to become associate member of the FCI.